Within Headz Up we also have a fantastic tanning room which houses a Stand up tower which is fitted with ‘CollaTan’ pink tubes.

CollaTan combines the following three types of light:

  • UVA light for a direct, intensive and attractive tan
  • UVB light for the production of melanin and Vitamin D to get a natural, long-lasting tanned skin
  • Collagenic Light for a soothing, rejuvenated and blemish free skin.

We have various packages available to suit every budget. We also stock a range of tanning products and accelerators which are available to purchase in the shop.

Sunbed Price
3 Minutes £2.00
6 Minutes £4.00
9 Minutes £5.00
12 Minutes £7.00
15 Minutes £9.00
2 Weeks Unlimited £25.00
4 Week Unlimited £40.00

To add to the above Sunbed prices, you can also bulk buy minutes up front and make great savings.

Sunbed bulk pricing
30 Minutes £20.00
60 Minutes £30.00
90 Minutes £45.00
120 Minutes £60.00

Headz Up Barbers Redruth - Sunbed